Mayor Sundquist Responds to County Executive Wendel’s Statement on Spring Street Parking Garage Safety

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Jamestown, NY (WNY News Now) – Mayor Eddie Sundquist expressed disappointment over County Executive Wendel’s recent public statement on safety concerns at the Spring Street parking garage during a City Council work session.

During last night’s City Council work session, Mayor Eddie Sundquist addressed the concerns raised by residents and County employees regarding recent safety incidents at the Spring Street parking garage. The session also included presentations on potential safety-enhancing investments such as the installation of cameras and improved lighting within the garage premises.

Mayor Sundquist emphasized the importance of fostering partnerships and collaborative efforts for addressing public safety concerns. He expressed his disappointment at County Executive Wendel’s statement, highlighting the City’s history of working in partnership with the County to address various issues affecting the community.

Mayor Sundquist issued this statement, “At last night’s City Council work session, we heard from concerned residents and County employees about recent safety incidents at the Spring Street parking garage. Investments that would improve the safety of the garage, including cameras and new lighting, were also
presented to City Council at the same session. This has followed many months of conversations
with County department heads and employees, as well as action, in the form of increased police
patrols, to enhance safety as we gathered the necessary information to make permanent
changes to the City’s parking garages.

My administration has always been about fostering partnerships and collaborative action. I am deeply disappointed by the County Executive’s statement as the City has always been a partner with the County. I believe it is more productive to have a conversation around public safety
issues impacting our residents rather than making public statements. I look forward to meeting
with the County Executive and other County officials at the end of August to discuss these
matters, and working with our City Council to secure funding for parking ramp improvements.”

Mayor Sundquist concluded by expressing his anticipation for a meeting with the County Executive and other County officials scheduled.

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