Public Park Safety Concerns

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Concerns over a Jamestown public park came to light last week with one resident questioning safety concerns at Jackson-Taylor Park.

The discussion started when a Jamestown resident asked the city council if the park sign could be moved to a more suitable location.

“I think the sign should be put on the corner of 11th and Washington because actually that is the entrance to the park,“ explained Jamestown Resident Jeannette Jones. “If you stand at 13th Street and Washington you cannot see all of the additions to the park.’

The discussion quickly evolved into safety concerns with children and adults possibly crossing the busy Washington Street.

“I see daily kids going down, almost getting hit by the traffic on the street,“ stated Jones. “Me, myself, I go down there, I have to get my neighbor, someone who just happened to be walking to have to stop the traffic so I can get across the street.”  

The concerned resident did bring forward one solution.

“I think there should be a crosswalk there or at least a caution sign like you did at the hospital,“ explained Jones. 

City leaders are unsure if they could put a crosswalk on the state owned road, but will look into street warning signs. 

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