National Grid Alerts Customers to Escalating Utility Billing Scams

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(WNY News Now) – National Grid has issued a warning to its upstate New York customers about a surge in utility billing and payment scams, urging heightened caution to safeguard personal data.

As reports of fraudulent utility billing and payment scams surge in upstate New York, National Grid is urging its customers to remain vigilant and protect their personal information. Scammers posing as National Grid representatives are reaching out through emails and telephone calls, pressuring customers to make immediate payments for overdue balances on utility bills.

Some victims have even been promised future bill savings as part of the ruse. While these scams are not new, the perpetrators have evolved their tactics to appear more convincing.

National Grid advises customers to scrutinize all communications and offers guidance on identifying authentic contacts. Further details can be found in the attached news release.

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