WNY News Now Movie Review: Barbie

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I enjoyed Barbie. I thought that it managed to possess a certain level of self awareness without classifying itself as a parody. The cast had no weak links, with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling giving stand out performances. The set design and visual aesthetics were phenomenal. They managed to bring the world of Barbie to life without sacrificing its artificiality. It looked like an actual life-sized Barbie set.

I think the themes of the film are what impressed me the most. I think it’s fair to say that the expectations for a film about Barbie dolls were quite low. The cultural perception of Barbie is one of superficiality. But this made Barbie the perfect catalyst to subvert those connotations.

The film thoroughly contemplates the Patriarchy and the conflicting societal expectations placed upon women, a problem that Barbie herself is emblematic of. It’s a message that’s sure to resonate with girls and women of all ages.

But that doesn’t mean that the film won’t resonate with men. It actually does a decent job mirroring Barbie’s development with Ken. Just as Barbie struggles with her identity and how it relates to the real world, Ken struggles with his own identity as an extension of Barbie rather than a true individual.

The film wasn’t perfect. The biggest issue I had was with its pacing. A lot of the narrative progression outside of Barbieland felt rushed, while some other scenes dragged on for a bit longer than necessary.

But ultimately, I think that the film excelled in what it set out to do. It’s a fun movie that has at least a little something for the whole family.

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