National Cinema Day Celebrated with Reflection on Theatrical Experience

Image by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.

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(WNY News Now) – On Sunday, August 27th, the Lakewood Cinema in Chautauqua Mall doors were closed for National Cinema Day, defying its decades-long run. Meanwhile, Lakewood Cinema 8 Manager Jacob Feldt emphasized that movie theaters provide more than just a visual medium, highlighting their role as an experiential escape.

Lakewood – From the era of Charlie Chaplin to the contemporary Hollywood blockbuster “Avatar 2,” movie theaters have stood as a conduit for imagination and inspiration, elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Over its century-long history, the theater has fostered not only entertainment but also personal connections, with dates blossoming into marriages and dreams transforming into reality.

While streaming services have left their mark on the movie industry, the essence of cinema lies in the immersive encounter it offers. WNY News Now kicked off a series of movie reviews in partnership with Lakewood Cinema 8, starting with a review of Barbie.

Anticipation grows for future segments, but the true excitement centers on the return to the theaters themselves. So, grab your popcorn, soda, and cherished snacks, and, above all, bring your loved ones and enthusiasm back to the cinema, where smiles await in the flickering light.

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