Governor Hochul Marks One-Year Anniversary of Strengthened Gun Safety Laws

Image by Don Pollard / Office of Governor Kathy Hochul.

(WNY News Now) – Governor Kathy Hochul commemorated the first anniversary of New York’s enhanced gun safety legislation, which introduced stringent requirements for concealed carry permits, prohibited firearms in sensitive locations, and mandated renewals every three years.

Albany – Governor Kathy Hochul marked the one-year milestone of groundbreaking legislation that bolstered New York’s pistol permitting process, serving as a national model for gun safety measures and combatting gun violence. The laws, implemented on September 1, 2022, imposed rigorous background checks, live-fire training, and safety requirements for concealed carry permit applicants. They also barred firearms from sensitive locations like schools, government buildings, and hospitals while necessitating permit renewals every three years. To ensure transparency, the state launched a dedicated gun safety website to inform the public, gun owners, and dealers about the new regulations.

Governor Hochul expressed her commitment to reducing gun violence, emphasizing the need for swift action following the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision. The state responded by enhancing background checks, requiring character references, social media disclosures, and in-person interviews for permit applicants.

All applicants from September 1, 2022, must undergo comprehensive firearm safety training. Renewal and recertification are now mandatory every three years, instead of five.

Furthermore, Governor Hochul enacted stricter permitting and age requirements for semiautomatic rifles, responding to a racially motivated mass shooting in Buffalo. The State Police and Division of Criminal Justice Services created FAQs to assist the public, gun owners, and dealers in understanding the new laws.

The legislation also restricts concealed carry in sensitive locations, mandates monthly checks of permit holders, and enforces safe storage for firearms in homes with minors.

Additionally, sellers of ammunition and firearms dealers must maintain electronic records of transactions. Background checks for ammunition purchasers and antique firearms will become mandatory from September 13, 2023, with associated fees funding the background check system.

Since the law’s implementation, shootings have decreased by approximately 26% statewide, and CDC data indicates that New York boasts the nation’s fourth-lowest firearm mortality rate. The state continues to lead in enacting common-sense gun safety measures for the well-being of its communities.

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