Theft and Vandalization of Campaign Signs are Crimes

Courtesy: @leezeldin

(WNY News Now) – As the campaign season kicks off, the City of Jamestown, NY, issues a stern warning against the theft and vandalism of political campaign signs, emphasizing that such acts will be treated as crimes punishable by fines and jail time.

Jamestown – The City of Jamestown is making it clear that the theft and vandalization of political campaign signs will face legal consequences. In an official statement released on September 8, 2023, the city reiterated that these actions are considered crimes and will be treated accordingly.

Stealing or defacing political signs is no different from damaging any other personal property. Offenders can be charged with theft, property damage, and trespassing, all of which are misdemeanors carrying penalties of fines and potential imprisonment.

Jamestown residents are also reminded to place campaign signs out of the right of way. All signs, regardless of their purpose, must be positioned between the sidewalk and the property line; signs placed elsewhere will be removed.

The city encourages vigilant residents to report any suspicious activity related to campaign signs by contacting the Jamestown Police Department at (716) 483-7536.

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