Governor Hochul Signs Legislation to Crack Down on Telemarketers

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(WNY News Now) – In a move only objected by telemarketing companies New York Governor Kathy Hochul has signed legislation that nearly doubles the maximum fine for telemarketers violating the Do Not Call Registry.

Albany – Governor Kathy Hochul has taken a decisive step to tackle the nuisance of telemarketing by signing legislation aimed at curbing unwanted calls in New York. The new law substantially increases the maximum fine for telemarketers who breach the Do Not Call Registry, elevating it from the outdated $11,000 penalty set in 2004 to a more effective $20,000.

Governor Hochul emphasized the importance of this measure, stating, “Today, we’re raising the penalty for violators of the Do Not Call Registry to deter telemarketers, protect New Yorkers, and send a clear message that New York won’t tolerate these frustrating, unsolicited calls.”

The legislation builds on previous efforts to empower consumers by requiring telemarketers to offer an opt-out option for customers at the beginning of certain calls. State Senator Joseph A. Griffo expressed his satisfaction with the bill, while Assemblymember Alex Bores lauded it as a victory for every New Yorker who seeks respite from incessant phone calls. The bipartisan support for this legislation underscores its significance in safeguarding New Yorkers’ peace and privacy.

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