New Steps on Work Authorization for Eligible Individuals

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(WNY News Now) – New York has unveiled efforts to address the asylum seeker and migrant crisis following White House officials’ announcement of work authorization eligibility for certain Venezuelan individuals. This significant development aims to alleviate the shelter system burden and facilitate economic independence for asylum seekers and migrants.

Albany – New York Governor Kathy Hochul has unveiled a series of state initiatives aimed at addressing the ongoing asylum seeker and migrant crisis in the state. This announcement comes in the wake of the White House’s decision to grant work authorization eligibility to certain individuals from Venezuela who have continuously resided in the United States on or before July 21, 2023, under Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Governor Hochul emphasized the critical role of work authorization in resolving the crisis. She stated, “Work authorization is the way out of the migrant crisis,” highlighting that legal work status will enable individuals to exit the shelter system, find employment, and pursue the American Dream.

Under federal law, individuals subject to TPS can be legally authorized to work 30 days after filing their application, while new arrivals face a 180-day waiting period. During this waiting period, asylum seekers and migrants often struggle to earn income or secure housing, leading to prolonged stays in publicly-funded shelters.

Governor Hochul has directed the New York State Department of Labor to facilitate the connection between eligible asylum seekers and migrants and employers seeking workers. This effort involves over 70 state personnel from 16 separate state agencies working to assist with work authorization. Additionally, the Department has launched a portal enabling businesses to express their interest in hiring newly-authorized individuals.

New York State has allocated more than $30 million to support the filing of work authorization paperwork, with a focus on helping Venezuelans and other asylum seekers in their journey towards legal work status. This commitment aligns with the ongoing “Month of Action” in collaboration with federal and city officials, with over 50 federal Department of Homeland Security personnel stationed in New York to process work authorization applications.

The combined efforts of state and federal authorities aim to provide a comprehensive solution to the asylum seeker and migrant challenge in New York.

This recent coordinated approach between state and federal governments address the pressing issue of work authorization for eligible individuals, with the goal of easing their transition into the workforce and reducing dependency on public shelters.

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