War Vets Recreation Club Announces 34th Annual Sportsman’s Raffle with $30,000 Grand Prize

(WNY News Now) – The War Vets Recreation Club is gearing up for its 34th Annual Sportsman’s Raffle, promising an exciting blend of celebration and support for veterans, with a chance to win a life-changing $30,000 grand prize.

The War Vets Recreation Club is thrilled to announce its upcoming 34th Annual Sportsman’s Raffle, set to mark the club’s 80th anniversary. This event offers participants a unique opportunity to celebrate, support veterans, and potentially win a remarkable $30,000 grand prize.

Imagine the possibilities that come with a substantial $30,000 windfall – from fulfilling lifelong dreams to investing in home improvements or bolstering savings, this prize can turn aspirations into reality.

Secure your chance at the coveted $30,000 grand prize by purchasing tickets for just $50.00 each. Your participation not only increases your winning odds but also contributes to vital initiatives led by the War Vets Recreation Club, such as sponsoring local sports teams, offering scholarships, and supporting civic organizations.

In an innovative move, this year’s event will be held virtually on October 15, 2023. The grand prize winner will be announced during this electrifying online event, and physical presence is not mandatory – everyone has an equal shot at winning.

For 80 years, the War Vets Recreation Club has been a pillar of support for veterans and the local community. Their commitment to local sports, scholarships, and civic projects is made possible through events like the Annual Sportsman’s Raffle.

Raffle tickets can be purchased at the club, from board members, or conveniently online at www.warvetsrecreation.com. Your participation not only enhances your chance of winning but also contributes to the club’s enduring legacy, positively impacting veterans and the community.

Seize the opportunity to celebrate, win, and give back. Purchase your raffle tickets today and save the date for October 15, a day that could change your fortune. For more information and ticket purchases, please visit www.warvetsrecreation.com.

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