Government Shutdown Loom as Congress Faces Critical Deadline

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(WNY News Now) – With a federal government shutdown imminent in less than 48 hours, Congress grapples with priorities as some members focus on the impeachment inquiry into President Biden rather than securing a deal to keep the government running.

Washington D.C. – As the deadline for a potential federal government shutdown inches closer, the attention of several members of Congress, including Congressman Nick Langworthy, has shifted towards the impeachment inquiry against President Biden instead of resolving the budget crisis. Congressman Langworthy, a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, issued a statement after a recent hearing, stating, “It’s clear that President Biden repeatedly lied to the American people regarding his involvement in his family’s business dealings and foreign influence-peddling schemes.” He emphasized the need for further investigation to determine if President Biden abused his public office for personal financial gain.

The impeachment inquiry, initiated by Speaker Kevin McCarthy on September 12, 2023, tasked multiple House Committees with gathering evidence regarding President Biden’s alleged misconduct. The House Oversight Committee identified 16 instances where President Biden allegedly misled the public about his family’s foreign business dealings.

Notably, Speaker McCarthy and House Republicans have made the impeachment inquiry and spending cuts a central point in their budget negotiations, adding another layer of complexity to the impending government shutdown.

With time running out, Congress must navigate these pressing issues to avert a potentially damaging government shutdown that could impact the economy and essential services.

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