Halloween Investigation of the Hinsdale House Promises a Night of Paranormal Thrills

(WNY News Now) – On October 28, 2023, Eclipse Paranormal invites you to explore the eerie mysteries of the infamous Hinsdale House, an iconic haunted location in Hinsdale, New York.

Hinsdale – Nestled at the end of a secluded country road, the Hinsdale House has long been a magnet for seekers of the supernatural. This rustic abode harbors a chilling history filled with exorcisms, multiple spirits, and numerous unexplained phenomena.

Between 1970 and 1974, Clara and Phil Dandy, along with their four children, endured an unsettling presence in the home. The family claimed to have been “chased out by spirits” even after multiple exorcisms.

The laundry list of paranormal activities reported includes apparitions, blood-curdling cries, unexplained scratches, appliances activating autonomously, inexplicable burns, objects vanishing and reappearing, and lingering legends of a nearby “hanging tree” where a pregnant woman was executed years ago.

For those daring enough, the opportunity to spend a spine-tingling night at the Hinsdale House awaits. Eclipse Paranormal will conduct a live investigation across eight platforms during the Global Ghost Hunt. Tickets and payment plans can be found at www.eerie.events/ggh-hinsdale, with an age requirement of 18+ for attendees.

Prepare for a Halloween night like no other as the Hinsdale House beckons with its haunting mysteries and chilling history.

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