Local Bed and Breakfast Owner, Margo Stuart, Embraces Multifaceted Life

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(WNY News Now) – Margo Stuart, a remarkable resident of Chautauqua, originally from Milwaukee, has led a life filled with diverse experiences, from teaching in Africa to pursuing education at Oxford University. She continues to juggle a plethora of roles, including crafting custom Santa suits, substitute teaching, volunteering as an EMT, and serving in the Coast Guard reserves while awaiting orders to Antarctica. Moreover, she is set to star in her own show, “Marvelous Margo,” airing later this year on Roku’s Channel 716.

Chautauqua – Margo Stuart, often referred to as “Marvelous Margo,” is a woman of extraordinary talents and diverse experiences. Hailing from Milwaukee but with deep roots in Chautauqua, her journey through life has been nothing short of exceptional.

With an adventurous spirit, Margo’s life has taken her on a remarkable journey across continents. She has dedicated her time to teaching in Africa, furthered her education at the prestigious Oxford University, and worked for international companies that allowed her to reside in Europe and various parts of the United States.

While many people consider retirement as a leisurely option, Marvelous Margo remains as active as ever. One of her current pursuits includes crafting custom-made Santa suits, a skill that has landed her an exclusive contract for the State of Connecticut. In addition to her sewing talents, Margo is also a substitute teacher, a role she embraced after previously serving as a college dean.

But Margo’s dedication to her community doesn’t stop there. She selflessly volunteers as an EMT, providing crucial assistance during emergencies. Moreover, she proudly serves in the Coast Guard auxiliary, eagerly awaiting orders to embark on an expedition to Antarctica.

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments in Margo’s life is her upcoming television show, “Marvelous Margo,” set to premiere later this year on Roku’s Channel 716. The show promises to offer an inside look at her dynamic life, with crews following her journey from Chautauqua to Wisconsin. Viewers can expect to witness her crafting custom foods, showcasing racing cars, and even exploring her involvement with the Chautauqua Institution’s Opera Board of Directors.

Margo’s life story reads like a Hollywood script, filled with adventure, diversity, and an unquenchable thirst for new experiences. She has truly been there and done it all, making her a source of inspiration for all who encounter her.

For those eager to meet the incredible Marvelous Margo Stuart in person, she welcomes guests at Ariel’s Bed and Breakfast in Chautauqua, New York. Alternatively, keep an eye out for her on Channel 716, where her upcoming show promises to be an exciting and entertaining journey into the life of a woman who truly embodies the spirit of adventure and versatility.

Whether she’s baking, rescuing people, or pursuing any of her countless passions, Margo Stuart’s life is nothing short of marvelous—truly, simply marvelous.

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