El Greco: A Legacy of Quality Manufacturing in Jamestown

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(WNY News Now) – El Greco, a Jamestown-based manufacturer, is set to mark its 49th year in business, with a strong commitment to quality and safety. In a recent interview with Alexis Singleton, we explore the family-owned company’s journey and values.

Jamestown – WNY News Now continues its segment, “3 Fifty,” which highlights local manufacturers about to celebrate 50 years of operation in the Jamestown Area. Today, we had the privilege of speaking with Alexis Singleton, a representative of El Greco, a manufacturer with a long-standing history of excellence in Jamestown, New York.

El Greco, a manufacturing company with a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and safety, proudly operates two factories in Jamestown, New York. Founded in 1975 by George Theofilactidis, a Greek immigrant, the company is now led by the second generation of the Theofilactidis family, represented by Alexis Singleton, Lazarus Theofilactidis, and Dimitri Theofilactidis. George and Kathy Theofilactidis, the company’s founders, remain actively involved in the business, maintaining a hands-on management style that encompasses all aspects of production and design in their factories.

The company’s commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in its reputation for finely-crafted products. Remarkably, El Greco has never had a product recall in its 49 years in business. This achievement reflects their unwavering dedication to product safety, as Alexis Singleton emphasized, “We engineer design to eliminate potential hazards, maintaining a strong track record in product safety.”

El Greco consistently garners top ratings, holding an A+ rating by Baby Bargains and earning recognition for producing the Best Crib Made in the USA. Their range of baby and children’s bedroom furniture not only meets but exceeds the latest CPSIA and CPSC requirements, as well as the voluntary standards of ASTM. To ensure compliance, the company submits its products to third-party independent laboratory testing using internationally accredited labs. Along with rigorous internal regulations, this commitment to safety sets El Greco apart from many competitors in the U.S. market, some of whom have exited due to their inability to meet these stringent standards.

El Greco’s approach is underpinned by the belief that every product they create is one they would build for their own family.

When it comes to their employment philosophy, Alexis Singleton emphasizes job stability, stating, “That’s my job is to make sure there are 40 hours of work every week for every employee every year. It’s a contract… it’s a deal I’m looking for somebody I can count on and they’ve got to be able to count on us. Our role is to keep the work steady, to keep it there, not to jerk people around. There’s plenty of opportunities and we can work with our customers to steady the flow and make things reasonable so that we’re not like oh my goodness piling on and chasing the big contract and then standing around going ok who are we going to lay off this week? We don’t lay people off. It’s just not the nature of our business. It’s not the model that we chose to follow.” This commitment to job stability and fair employment practices contributes to El Greco’s reputation as a reliable and responsible employer, with a steady workforce and a commitment to not laying off employees.

El Greco’s product range extends beyond baby cribs to include bunk beds, trundle beds, bookcases, and more. The company maintains control over all aspects of production, from milling to shipping, ensuring a streamlined and high-quality manufacturing process.

El Greco’s products are exclusively available at Room & Board, where online reviews consistently reflect customers’ satisfaction with their purchases. Customers praise the company’s dedication to precision and craftsmanship, often describing their products as “the best crib I’ve ever had” and “outstanding furniture for children.”

While our visit to El Greco allowed us to witness their post-production operations, we look forward to returning during the production process to provide further insights into this remarkable local business. As we continue our “3 Fifty” series, El Greco exemplifies the dedication to quality, safety, and reliability that has allowed them to thrive for half a century in the Jamestown Area. El Greco’s journey is a testament to the success that can be achieved through unwavering commitment to excellence and a strong sense of responsibility to both their customers and employees.

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