Ethics Committee Unanimously Recommends DOJ Referral for Allegations Against Representative George Santos

(WNY News Now) – The Committee on Ethics, led by Chairman Representative Michael Guest and Ranking Member Representative Susan Wild, has submitted a comprehensive report to the House of Representatives concerning allegations against Representative George Santos. The report, compiled by the Investigative Subcommittee (ISC), unanimously concludes that there is substantial evidence of potential federal criminal law violations, prompting a unanimous vote to refer the matter to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Washington D.C. – The Committee on Ethics presented its findings in the Matter of Allegations Relating to Representative George Santos. The Investigative Subcommittee’s thorough examination led to unanimous agreement that Representative Santos knowingly caused his campaign committee to file false or incomplete reports with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Moreover, the ISC found evidence indicating the misuse of campaign funds for personal purposes, involvement in fraudulent conduct with RedStone Strategies LLC, and knowing and willful violations of the Ethics in Government Act in connection with his Financial Disclosure (FD) Statements filed with the House.

In light of an ongoing criminal investigation into Representative Santos, coupled with the ISC’s identification of additional uncharged and unlawful conduct, the Committee on Ethics recommended an immediate referral of these allegations to the Department of Justice. The unanimous adoption of the ISC’s report by the Committee underscores the gravity of the situation, as it signifies a collective belief in the need for further investigation into potential federal criminal law violations.

The Committee emphasizes its agreement with the ISC’s determination that Representative Santos’ conduct merits public condemnation. They assert that such behavior is beneath the dignity of the office he holds and has brought severe discredit upon the House of Representatives.

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