Domestic Dispute Leads to Assault Charges in Jamestown

(WNY News Now) – On the night of November 23, 2023, a domestic dispute on the south side took a violent turn, resulting in a 33-year-old Jamestown resident, being held pending arraignment on charges of Assault 2nd.

Jamestown, NY – Responding to a call at 9:47 pm, second-platoon officers arrived at a South Side residence to find Marissa L. Morris 33, allegedly assaulting a male victim.

The victim sustained a head injury from a blunt object, prompting immediate on-site treatment before being transported to the hospital for further care. Morris was taken into custody and was held at Jamestown City Jail awaiting arraignment on the Assault 2nd charge.

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  1. You do a great job making it sound good. We wernt fighting when the cops got here we had stopped and we don’t even know what barely cut his head so thanks for making it sound savage.pathetic.

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