Jamestown Resident Arrested for Criminal Trespass and Mischief

Scott Davidson / CC BY 2.0

(WNY News Now) – A 43-year-old Jamestown resident was apprehended by Jamestown Police on 2/6/24 at 10:04 PM for Criminal Trespass 2nd and Criminal Mischief 4th at an East side address.

On the night of 2/6/24, Jamestown Police 2nd Platoon responded to a trespass complaint on the East side at 10:04 PM. Upon arrival, officers discovered Jared G. Leroy, a 43-year-old Jamestown resident, inside the apartment. Subsequently, glass broke at the rear of the structure. Leroy was apprehended without incident at the rear of the building and transported to Jamestown City Jail. He now faces charges of Criminal Trespass 2nd and Criminal Mischief 4th. Leroy is held pending his arraignment at Jamestown City Court.

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