Cuomo: Salt’s Wrong, Congress Needs To Right The Wrong

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NEW YORK – New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo wants Congress to step in and stop the so-called “SALT” cap.

SALT stands for State and Local Taxes. The cap limits how much Americans are allowed to deduct those taxes from their federal bills.

It was a part of the tax overhaul the GOP passed last year, but Cuomo said residents in high-tax states like New York get hit especially hard.

“My position is very simple,” said Cuomo. “They did this when they controlled the Congress, the Senate and the White House.”

“There was a gross injustice. The Democrats now control the Congress. They should not do anything of any significance until the Republicans right this wrong.”

On Monday, two lawmakers introduced legislation to repeal the limit.

No word on if it stands a chance of passing Congress.

Cuomo has pointed out that President Trump apparently said he was open to discussing a change.

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