Mason-Thompson Says “Change Is On The Rise”

Raven Mason-Thompson. Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – “I think we know even in the last couple of years with the changes and the election; that change is on the rise, that something is abounding.”  

Jamestown native Raven Mason-Thompson (R) is running for Ward II Jamestown City Council. Mason during an informal press conference at her home on Newton Avenue Thursday, said she is running for office because the city is hurting and current government officials are not doing enough to help.

“Are we going to be victims to our circumstances, or are we going to be victims to the system, or are we going to take the system on and decide to not only be part of the process, I’ve been part of the process, I’m political, I vote, but now I want to be part of the change in the progress. I want to see that we have new beginnings, new opportunities,” said Mason-Thompson. “I don’t believe anybody is a lost cause. I will tell you right now, I don’t care if you’ve been an addict for five plus years, I say there is hope. I believe there is hope in this system and with the right mindset, we will overcome.”

When asked if there is anything specific to City Ward II that, if elected, she’d improve, Mason-Thompson said she wants to start addressing problems at the family level.

“I guess I would look at crime, but I would have to take it back to the family,” said Mason-Thompson. “I don’t think drug issues stem from ‘Hey, I want to get high today,’ they stem from a deeper hurt, it started somewhere and it is an escape.”

Mason-Thompson said Ward II is an opportunistic area to focus on building a safe place for children and families. She said she could create a support system to help break additions.

“When you have a clear head and clear mind, you start to realize your potential,” said Mason-Thompson. “I don’t just want to just look at Ward II, but if you really are going to grow and thrive we’ve got to look at each other, we’ve got to collaborate.”

The candidate also said that if elected, she would address zombie properties. In addition, Mason-Thompson hopes to seek more engagement from the public.

In order to receive the Republican nomination, Mason-Thompson would have to defeat longtime City Councilman Tony Dolce in a primary.

When asked if Mason-Thompson would run independently, she said she would want to see what happens in the primary first.

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