Not So Friendly: Jamestown Friendly’s Among Locations Closed For Business

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – Brooklyn Square’s Friendly’s is closed indefinitely, according to a sign that greeted patrons Monday morning.

The Kuhn family, residents of Falconer, was shocked to see their favorite breakfast spot out of business.

“I was just kind of shocked,” said Kayla Kuhn. “This parking lot is always usually full, they have a lot of customers. I was surprised that they shut down.”

Kayla Kuhn, her mother and two kids weren’t the only visitors left hungry and annoyed. Sara Becker was going to meet a group of friends at the spot.

“We come here now and then for breakfast, especially with friends from out of town who enjoy it. It was very surprising,” said Becker.

Gene Smith said he knew something wasn’t right when he noticed few cars in the parking lot.

“Once we got here I spotted the while sign on the door,” said Smith. “I am surprised, I thought it was just an incident in Buffalo where they closed one or two. I had no idea they were closing this one in Jamestown.”

The sign read: “We apologize for disappointing you on this visit, but this location is now closed for business.

We regret that we do not have another Friendly’s restaurant near you, but we hope that you will visit one of our other locations when traveling.

We appreciate your patronage over the years and for allowing us to try and make the world friendly, one scoop at a time!”

In reply to WNYNewsNow’s request for comment, Friendly’s Corporate released a letter sent to Friendly’s franchisees by CEO George Michel. The letter explained that a total of 23 corporate-owned restaurants in the Northeast will be closed, effective immediately.

“After a months-long evaluation and careful consideration, we have decided to close 23 corporate-owned restaurants, effective immediately. While this was a tough decision, we are confident it will best position the brand for a bright future. Especially difficult is the impact these closures will have on the locations’ wonderful employees, who we are working to support with opportunities in other locations or severance payments and other assistance.”

A spokeswoman for Friendly’s said employees were informed personally and the company is working to support them with opportunities at other locations, severance payments and other assistance.

The closed locations include 14 restaurants in upstate New York, three in Massachusetts, three in Connecticut, two in New Hampshire and one in Maine.

Friendly’s now has 77 corporate-owned restaurants and 97 franchisee-owned restaurants nationwide.

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  1. If you been there in the last 2 years you would no it’s no great loss. The lost my business years ago from such horrible service and low quality food at best. No I won’t go to your other locations while traveling. Theres better places to eat and only went to our local location because the lack of choices we have. If you closed ours why would I continue to support your other locations? So it in Jamestown face. Can we get so places to frequent instead of stupid lights and shiny dumb shit please?

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