Gov. Cuomo Backs Patients With Terminal Illness To Seek Life-Ending Drugs

ALBANY – New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would sign legislation allowing people with a terminal illness to seek life-ending medication from a physician.

Tuesday on public radio’s WAMC, Cuomo said that he knows the topic is “difficult” for many people and that his support would depend on the details of the legislation.

Furthermore, he said it’s an issue that elected leaders should address.

Legislation would also require two doctors to sign off on the use of life-ending medication has been introduced for years in Albany but hasn’t received a vote.

Seven states and Washington, D.C., already allow people to seek a doctor’s help in ending their life. Lawmakers in New Jersey passed a similar measure last month, and Gov. Phil Murphy says he will sign the bill.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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