Consumer Watch: Digital Wallets Simplify Payments

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WESTERN NEW YORK – Still inserting your card or even worse, using cash? It might be time to modernize your payment habits.

From food, to entertainment, to train fare, to online shopping, these days, you can pay for just about anything with your phone.

Digital wallets keep your banking information in one easy-to-access spot; and away from the prying eyes of hackers.

Mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Google Pay encrypt your payment information.

Even if someone steals your phone, they’d likely need your passcode or fingerprint to access your digital wallet; making it a secure alternative to carrying around a pocket full of cash.

Splitting the dinner check? Dividing bills between house mates? Digital wallets make payments between friends even easier.

Services like Venmo and Zelle connect to your bank account or debit cards allowing you to quickly and securely request or send money through the app.

But be warned, not every retailer accepts contactless payments so don’t remove all your cards from your wallet.

Experts say to keep an old school payment method on you for emergencies.

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