Chautauqua Sports Hall Of Fame To Host Jamestown Speedway Reunion

Sammy LaMancuso at Jamestown Speedway, submitted image.

GERRY – The Chautauqua Sports Hall Of Fame will be hosting a reunion of the Jamestown Speedway at the Gerry Rodeo Conference Center on June 9 at 2 p.m.

Built in 1935 by Mike Palermo, the Speedway ran from 1935-1939 before being leased in 1940.

Jamestown Speedway returned to action in 1950 before the races came to an end in 1957.

Racers who were known to race on the track during this period were Sammy LaMancuso, Fred Knapp, Dave Shaw, Ken See, Jim Pollaro and Carl Pintagro.

During the reunion, a video made by the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame that discusses the Jamestown Speedway will be presented.

People in attendance will also have the opportunity to be taped explaining their experiences of being at the Speedway.

The Hall of Fame is encouraging any person who wants to go to bring any mementos and memorabilia during the run of the Jamestown Speedway.

At the conclusion of the reunion, a tour of the former Jamestown Speedway location will be provided.

Attendance is free.


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