Man Sentenced To 20 Years Behind Bars Following Jamestown Murder

Livingston Avenue murder suspect David Waggoner appears in court. 03/15/19. Image by Matt Hummel/WNYNewsNow.

MAYVILLE – A City of Jamestown man was sentenced to 20 years behind bars in Chautauqua County Court Monday after a jury found him guilty of a 2018 shooting death on Livingston Avenue in Jamestown.

David Waggoner was convicted by a Chautauqua County Jury in March of second-degree murder for killing William Michishima.

Michishima, who was shot in the head, later died at UPMC Hamot Hospital.

Prosecutors argued that an argument between Waggoner and Michishima lead to the shooting.

District Attorney Patrick Swanson told WNYNewsNow that he is pleased with the sentencing term.

“In this case, this is what we alleged, this is what he was convicted of, and the judge sentenced him in accordance of the law and really at the end of the day, we can not ask more than that,” said Swanson. “Speaking with the family of the victim, Billy Michishima, in this case, they are also really happy.”

Swanson said the two eyewitness’ testimony and Jamestown Police’s body camera footage helped support his office’s murder argument.

“Really it is a combination of a number of things,” explained Swanson. “We were fortunate to have eye witness testimony, body cam evidence and really the forensics; just the basics of the autopsy, that all supported our theory of prosecution.”

Waggoner’s attorney, Chautauqua County Public Defender Ned Barone, stressed that Michishima was the aggressor in the case.

A jury ultimately sided with District Attorney Patrick Swanson’s Office and found Waggoner guilty.


  1. this is so sad, i knew billy in the last 6-9 months leading up to his death, billy was on a rampage at the time and was out to kill, he attempted to take several peoples lives in the 14 day period leading to his death, he had attempted to take me out 36 hours before he was killed by burning me alive in my appartment, he knew the layout and we were trapped by fire,he wasnt just trying to send a msg with the fire he wanted to kill me. billy was the aggressor for weeks leading up to the incident were he was killed, he would stalk and intimidate people as he found joy in it. billy was a really nice person and great neighbor who helped me when i needed it. then he started on that s**t and became the idea of a 1%er,
    his life revolved around hurting people and the drugs, i remember a couple months before he was killed he kept showing me videos of him hurting people to get them to pay debts, he sincerely was happy and proud of hurting people idk what it was but when he was using he got the mindset of a “badass” biker who does what the stereotypical 1%er people do. billy was a very big person intimidating in physical size alone put yourself were david was at, you have this crazy guy stalking your family threatening to hurt and kill you.for several weeks now and your afraid that hes gonna pop outta no were and get him, so he carried a weapon for defense, billy came there that day to intentionally attack david who is less than half his size, and after he starts fighting he had to defend himself and his family, im completely against this conviction and sentencing he deserves much less than 20 years, for standing up to a homocidal menace.

  2. Violence turned back on the kid that was always looking for it. David should have not gotten 20 years. The kid got what comes your way when you live the tough guy life!!

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