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JAMESTOWN – Young artists at Love Elementary School recently exhibited their work at the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts.

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School officials said students exhibited photographic self-portraits and writing they created as part of a program called The Best Part of Me with local photographer Cathy Panebianco.

Annaih Medero Gonzalez, Jovian Matos Vellon, Danika Rushing, Lilian Rivera- Rodriguez, Angel Rosa, Nolan Smith, Gianna Vargas and Reybastian Hernandez- Diaz were part of a after school program within the district.

The group worked with Panebianco to create a piece of art that included a self-portrait and writing featuring their favorite body part.

Panebianco said they collected ideas for their photograph by mapping memories and observations about the different parts of their bodies. They also brainstormed additional ideas for their self-portraits by interviewing one another about their lives and photographed each other using iPads.

“I’m so proud of the exhibit the young artists created at the Reg Lenna,” said Panebianco. “They really worked hard to go through the process of creating a piece of artwork that meant something to them.”

With the help of JPS Technology Integration Coach, Jason Kathman, students used iPads to not only take the photographs, but to edit their work and write their thoughts using Apple pencils.

“I just want to thank Mr. Kathman for all his help and the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts who collaborated with us to exhibit, and have a reception, for the young artists,” added Panebianco. “It was such a great experience for the students to see their artwork on a wall, and visit a real gallery by taking a tour of the 3rd on 3rd Gallery.”

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Panebianco and Kathman previously conducted “The Best Part of Me” with Washington Middle Advantage After School students earlier this school year.

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