Health Minute: Sleeping Soundly In The Summer

Photo: Alyssa L. Miller / CC BY 2.0

WESTERN NEW YORK – The best room temperature for sleeping is said to be between 60 and 67 degrees; but in the summer months, that can be tricky.

When it feels like an inferno outside, it can be hard to get it to totally cool down inside and that warm air can be even more annoying when you’re trying to get some sleep.

So just how do you get comfortable and have a good night’s rest in the warm weather?

The National Sleep Foundation has five tips for getting your bet sleep this summer

#1 Keep The Air Moving

If you don’t have air conditioning, open the windows and turn on a fan to get some circulation. Step it up by putting a bowl of ice in front of the fan for some added cooling.

#2 Shower Before Bedtime

This will help your body cool down, and leave a little moisture on your skin making the effects of the fan even more pronounced.

#3 Sleep In Breathable Fabrics

Avoid fabrics like silk that trap head and sweat. Opt for natural breathable fabrics like cotton instead.

#4 Block Out The Sun’s Rays

Keeping the room darker will naturally keep it cooler. Finally, try not to let all that summer fun throw off your sleeping habits, and avoid excessive drinking.

Make sure you still get the amount of sleep you need, even if the sun is still shining outside.

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