Reed Says Congress Could Compromise On Immigration

Congressman Tom Reed (R - NY 23) WNYNewsNow File Image.

WASHINGTON – Immigration remains one of the largest issues discussed and debated throughout the country, often creating polarization within the government and public at-large. 

Congressman Tom Reed, during his media conference with reporters Thursday, said that Congress could still reach a compromise if given a fair chance.

“If the House was given the free latitude to work its will, I think there’s a heart of a compromise that could be reached where you combine border security with what they call the dreamers, the DACA kids, and some other folks, where it’s not a citizenship path for them, but it’s a legal status-type situation where the kids have access to citizenship, but the parents that broke the law and come here get an illegal-status type of qualification,” Reed said. “I think there’s contours of a deal there that could be reached in a bipartisan way.”

“I think, if it was given an opportunity to be voted for on the floor, coupled with border security, I think you could solve this problem and move on in a positive way.”

Multiple reports state that ICE agents are soon expected to conduct raids on undocumented immigrants throughout the nation. In addition, President Donald Trump is expected to refrain from pushing further for a census citizenship question.


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