Health Minute: Blue Light Exposure Is Messing With Your Sleep

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WESTERN NEW YORK – Many of us spend hours a day on our computers and smartphones, but it may be time to pay more attention to just how much screen time we are exposed to.

Doctors recommend staying off your phone before heading to bed.

Research shows that exposure to blue light may even lead to a higher risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease; and too much exposure can cause damage to your eyes over time.

Experts recommend using tools and technology, like blue light blocking glasses, to protect your eyes. Also try to balance your time in front of screens.

If you have to spend multiple hours a day in front of a computer for work, take a five to ten-minute break from the screen every hour, to allow your eyes to recover.

You can also adjust the screens to night mode which emits warmer light, is easier on your eyes, and more beneficial to your sleep cycle.

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