Governor Signs New Protections For Survivors Of Sexual Offenses

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ALBANY – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday approved a law allowing victims of sexual offenses, stalking and human trafficking to hide their address from offenders.

Cuomo signed the measure and issued a statement saying it will protect survivors from “further abuse” by shielding their addresses from public view.

“Victims of heinous crimes like sexual assault and human trafficking should not have to live in constant fear that their assailant could find and potentially hurt them again,” he said.

The law takes effect in 90 days and allows those victims to use a substitute address from New York’s Department of State instead of their work or home address.

Domestic violence victims were previously the only survivors eligible for the department’s confidential address program, according to Cuomo’s office.


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  1. Good job cuomo. An assailant could never find a victim from their social media sites. Nor could the assailant use the sites of the victims friends or family. Nor could the assailant find the victims child at their school. Nor could the assailant do one hundred other things to find any victim they were dedicated to hunting down. Good thing you’re wasting tax payer money for a fake address… cuz those assailants sure is dumb !!!

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