Justice Ginsburg Receives Honorary Degree At University Of Buffalo

CNN Pool Image.

BUFFALO – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared strong Monday as she accepted an honorary degree from the University of Buffalo.

This was her first public appearance since it was announced that she finished treatment for Pancreatic Cancer.

The 82-year-old liberal icon discussed her health briefly and also spoke about why she became a lawyer in the first place.

“Professor Cushman impressed on me that our nation was straying from its deepest values,” said Ginsburg. “That is we all have the right to think, speak, and write as we believe, and not as a big brother government tells us is the right way to think, speak, and write.”

“So I had the idea that being a lawyer was a pretty nifty thing to do,” Ginsburg furthered. “You could earn a living, I thought. And at the same time do something to help make your society a little better.”

The supreme court’s public information office said the treatment was successful and there’s no disease elsewhere in Ginsburg’s body.

Her health has been a recurring subject as the court becomes increasingly conservative.


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