New York’s Governor Wants To Legalize Cannabis This Year

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ALBANY – With the huge success of legalized marijuana sales in Illinois, New York is going to re-double its efforts to get legislation passed this year.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo last week highlighted adult-use cannabis legalization as one of his 2020 priorities.

His proposal includes forming an office of cannabis management to regulate medical, adult-use, and hemp programs.

The governor also wants to create a cannabis and hemp research center at the State University of New York.

If Cuomo is successful, New York would become the twelfth state to legalize cannabis for recreational use. New York State Officials believe a state-legal cannabis market could be a tremendous revenue windfall.

One research group projects that if New York were to legalize cannabis, it could be the nation’s second-largest cannabis industry. They are projecting $2.2 billion in New York sales by 2023.



  1. The gov is too busy with his bail reform to worry about marijuana in all seriousness, he should definitely fix that situation he is causing before worrying about marijuana even though I’m pro marijuana what’s happening around this state is a mess..

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