Mother Speaks Out After Teacher Mock’s Son During Class

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – The mother of a special education student at Maple Grove High School is speaking out after she says her son was mocked by his teacher in December 2019.

Bethany Reagan in an interview with WNYNewsNow says her 13-year-old twin sons, Jonah and Noah, both have individualized learning plans also known as an IEPs.

Reagan says this was not the first instance of conflict between Teacher Shannon Lingle and her son Jonah, but says things have gotten out of hand.

“He went to the teacher and he was telling her that he couldn’t find his pencil and when he was telling her he stuttered on the word pencil and to him she said (stuttering) ‘I don’t care,’ in his face, in front of the class,” explained Reagan. “He came home very distraught about it.”

So far, Reagan says she has filled out several Dignity for All Student’s Act reports against the teacher but believes the district has not done enough to help her son.

“For that class he is just put in a study hall,” said Reagan. “He is not receiving any math services now because they don’t have any other teacher.”

Reagan is asking the district to investigate the incident further and help create a positive learning environment for her boys.

“I just hope that they (the district) do the right thing,” said Reagan. “These DASA reports that go to the district are there for a reason, when you have six of them on one person, that is a lot, it needs to be looked into for everyone’s sake.”

Ryan Everhart, an attorney representing the district, responded to WNYNewsNow’s request for comment Friday afternoon.

“The District takes all claims of bullying and harassment seriously, and timely conducts a full and comprehensive investigation into such matters,” said Everhart in an email sent to our newsroom. “Contrary to your article, and in accordance with its policies, the District did in fact conduct an investigation into Ms. Reagan’s claims, and determined that they were inaccurate and unfounded.”

“I unfortunately cannot provide you more detail about the investigation, because this information is confidential under federal law,” Everhart furthered. “Ms. Reagan was notified of the results of the District’s investigation.”

Additionally, Everhart requested that the teacher’s name be removed from our coverage.

After consideration WNYNewsNow has declined to remove the teacher’s name from our report, however according to the district she has been cleared. It is the policy of WNYNewsNow to include the names of people accused of crimes or incidents prior to the conclusion of their case.


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  1. Teacher should be let go until I investigation is complete no child should be made fun of or bullied by any other student or teacher..I believe there should be stricter policies set in place for such an occurrence as my son whom is now out of school ..thank God…was bullied by not only the student s but teachers as well and he also had a 504 plan but was never son had a partial complex seizure meaning at times he could say anything out of context, in which case should be escorted to nurses office instead the teacher grabbed his books threw them in the hall and you’d himo get out of her class ..the teacher then called me at home and started yelling at me…I then told her he better still be in the building because obviously he was having a seizure, I had just had a surgery but went to school and the principle said she the teacher was retiring at end of the year and just assume leave it alone he’d rather switch him to another English class….the end result thanks to the school due to stress he was non stop having seizures causing scar tissue yo form in his brain, a 5 inch diameter..resulting in a major brain surgery…my son now has multiple problems die to this, and it sickens me to no end how schools get away with this, I hope the mom to this student pushes beyond because these teachers and students whom do this make a lasting issue for these kids…bout time the state steps up…

  2. I would beat the living shit out of her, I’m front of everyone. Let her really know how it feels to be humiliated! She better be fired!

  3. I have heard of this happening in other schools. I work for The Resource Center and it happens to the people we support. No person,and especially no child,deserves to to be treated that way. I have a B.S. in math and would love to tutor them for free if they continue to miss their math classes.

  4. The districts “investigation” was Mrs. Lingle simply denying mocking my son. Cut and dry, that was it. No apology of any sort. She STILL holds her job. No action was taken by the Maple Grove administration. My boys no longer attend this school and are EXCELLING tremendously! Thank you everyone for your support. Always be a voice for your child. Always.

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