Rally To Be Held In Jamestown Next Week Protesting COVID Restrictions

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JAMESTOWN – A rally protesting government restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is scheduled to take place in Jamestown next week.

Community Outreach Initiatives and The Constitutional Coalition of NYS are hosting a statewide “Rally to Free New York” protest on Friday, May 1.

Last week, the New York State on PAUSE order was extended by Gov. Andrew Cuomo until May 15.

The executive order requires all non-essential businesses statewide to close, bans non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason and requires New Yorkers to limit outdoor recreational activities to non-contact and avoid activities where they come in close contact with other people, among other things.

Jamestown’s protest will take place at 3 p.m. at Dow Park, 601 Cherry St., across from the James Prendergast Library.

Protestors are asked to stand at least six feet apart, wear red, white and/or blue, and bring flags, “their voices” and signs.

Demonstrations are also taking place at the Legislative Office Building in Albany, in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and New York City.



  1. How about no, we don’t need more of these idiots protesting, there is already to many sheeple following the anti stay-at-home bullshit

  2. What is wrong with these people? They’d feel different if they or someone they know gets the virus. This protest, I feel is wrong

  3. How can anyone dumb af hope to “educate” people about the Constitution? She lacks even the most basic understanding of our constitutional system.

  4. She needs to stay home and research 1918 pandemic and how people got tired of being inside and went out for a parade. So dumb….stomping on our rights to be healthy and keep those at risk safe? She thinks only of herself.

  5. Jamestown does not matter in the scheme of things. The flu does not eat your lungs, quit comparing the two!! Its stupidity like this that will spike the numbers up. You don’t care if you make others sick. Selfish you are. The Constitution was not made according to sicknesses. You all act like this is martial law. We are far from this. Its about saving people. Again.. you are selfish.

  6. Gathering large groups to protest because it is your “constitutional right” puts the entire healthcare system at risk. It says you don’t care about anyone but yourself. When you get sick you will go to the hospital from stupidity and put all of us healthcare providers at risk. You will have exposed your entire family and all those you have come in contact. Why stand 6 feet apart? Hold hands and pray to your God given right that you survive this. What is wrong with you people?? Please research the 1918 flu pandemic parade where many more people died due to premature leniency. Stay home, stay safe….you can spend that stimulus check at a later date.

  7. Everyone who participates in this stupid ass rally to protest something that could kill you and others is freakin jerks so don’t think it’s going to go like you think because there will!!be people there to stop you you all a bunch of babies I’m not going to let this happen and I’m not the only one grow the fuck up or you will loose

  8. Can’t ask for a manager at any of favorite spots for a whole month… she’s the personification of missionary sex with the lights off.

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