Chautauqua County Tornado Classified As EF1, Reached Max Wind Speed Of 100

Image via Vincent Rossotto / Facebook.

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PORTLAND – The National Weather Service has classified Thursday’s tornado in northern Chautauqua County as an EF1.

In a Public Information Statement Friday afternoon, meteorologists say a funnel cloud developed on the south side of Barnes Road and the Tornado’s initial touchdown occurred in a wooded area near a farm then moved across the property around 4:50 p.m.

Officials say among the damage, a garage was flattened and a 53 foot semi-trailer was lifted, rotated and set down approximately 150 feet away from where it was located.

The vortex additionally destroyed the majority of a barn leaving only the front facade remaining.

A nearby home was also damaged after the windows of the structure were sucked out with torrential rains causing water damage.

Next, the tornado traveled across Barnes Road where approximately 275 yards away, half of a second story of a barn was torn away.

Image by Shawn Sweatman / Chautauqua Weather Today.

The tornado then continued about 500 yards, damaging two barns on the east and west side of Thayer Road, from there the vortex continued approximately another 1,500 yards with the last tree damage visible toward the east end of Farr Road.

Overall, the storm produced maximum winds up to 100 miles per hour and was on the ground for a total of one and a half miles.

No injuries were reported as a result of the storm.

Video taken by Vincent Rossotto depicts a well-defined funnel cloud with a connection to the ground. Debris can also be seen near the ground and in the air, further confirming that the funnel cloud touched down.

The Tornado Warning for this storm was issued at 4:07 p.m. Thursday afternoon after Doppler radar indicated rotation near Fredonia.

WNYNewsNow’s Justin Gould and Chief Forecaster Dakota Hunter contributed to this report.


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