Carroll Officials Warn Of Car Break-Ins

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FREWSBURG – Town of Carroll officials are urging residents to lock their vehicles and not to store valuables in them following a few break-ins over the weekend.

“There were a few (break-ins). There weren’t a lot. It was predominantly on Howard Street in the Town of Carroll and on Falconer Street,” Town Supervisor Russell Payne said.

“There were several break-ins. The consoles were ransacked,” he said.

Payne expressed surprise that people need to be reminded not to keep valuables in their vehicles and to lock their vehicles at night.

He said Police Chief Bill Nelson and his department are investigating the incidents.

“People get complacent. We don’t have a lot of crime in the Town of Carroll,” Payne explained.

“A lot of it I think is younger offenders. There’s not a lot to do and not a lot going on,” he said. “And as we see the COVID-19 going on, people are bored.”

Simply bringing valuables into the home and locking vehicles would solve the problem, he said.


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