Jamestown Labor Day Festival Officially Canceled Due To COVID-19 Restrictions

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JAMESTOWN – Hope for a scaled down version of this year’s Labor Day Festival in Jamestown was squashed Wednesday morning after city leaders announced the festival will not take place in any capacity.

In a news bulletin to local media, Jamestown Parks, Recreation and Conservation Coordinator Julia Ciesla-Hanley announced this year’s celebration has been canceled.

Previously, city leaders were hopeful the Labor Day Committee could host a “scaled down” gathering.

However, Ciesla-Hanley says the event does not meet New York State’s guidelines on large group gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We encourage everyone to take a moment to thank workers who have made this holiday possible and to thank those who have kept us safe and healthy during these times,” said Ciesla-Hanley in a statement.

The festival would have taken place Sunday, September 6 in Bergman Park.

The city does have plans to honor the workforce in the local community this week.



  1. oh it’s o.k. to have protest marches but not o.k. to have holiday gatherings….that’s even stupider than BPU customer service with their SOLIDD GLASS WALL between them and a customer, closing down….MORE ABSURDITY FROM OUR INCOMPETENT LEADERS!!!

  2. Thousands protest….. All across the country, msm can’t cover that story up…..

    5 funerals for George Floyd-(packed with people) & local families could not have a funeral with more than 10….

    Cuomo walking his dog in NYC without a mask…..

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    Nancy gets to have her hair done in a salon , while no one else can….

    So does Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago…….

    Should I go on ….. Rules for the peasants,… Right????

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