Governor Cuomo Says Trump’s Vaccine Distribution Plan Is Unfair For Minorities

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NEW YORK – New York’s Governor is threatening legal action against the Trump Administration if they can’t find a way to ensure that the COVID-19 vaccine reaches underserved communities in the state.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, speaking at a The Riverside Church on Sunday, says New York is going to take special efforts to make sure every New Yorker is able to get a vaccine.

“The Trump administration is designing the distribution plan and their plan basically has private healthcare companies administer the vaccine: Hospitals, big drugstores, doctor’s offices. We know that our Black and brown and poor communities have fewer health care institutions. Their communities are all too often healthcare deserts. That’s why we have more underlying conditions and that’s why the COVID death toll is so high for black and brown communities. We’re not going to make the same mistake again,” said Cuomo.

The remarks come after President Trump, while touting Pfizer’s Coronavirus vaccine last week, singled out Cuomo for wanting New Yorkers to wait to take the vaccine until state health officials assess it.

“I’m not going to allow New Yorkers to be bullied or to be abused. I’m not going to allow the injustice to continue. Let’s look at the law,” furthered Cuomo.

President Trump says his administration is working with manufactures to distribute an initial 100 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Trump expects the Food and Drug Administration to grant emergency use authorization for a new vaccine soon.

Cuomo says he will need financial help from the federal government in order to now only deliver a vaccine, but, to recover from COVID-19’s economic impacts.


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  1. Governor Cuomo is a partisan hack who only cares about him image and doesn’t really give a $hit about us. He’s responsible for the death of tens of thousands of Nursing home residents and has botched the Corona virus resources at every turn. Why anyone’s would vote for that MORON is beyond me.

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