Mask Mandate Among President Joe Biden’s First Executive Actions

White House Pool Feed Image.

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden got down to business quickly Wednesday night, signing several executive actions including a mask mandate on federal property.

Just hours after his inauguration, Biden signed 17 executive actions in the Oval Office, many of them reversing some of President Trump’s signature policies.

That includes stopping construction of the southern border wall and reversing a travel ban on some mainly Muslim countries.

Biden also began the process of rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and he put the brakes on Trump’s withdraw from the World Health Organization.

On Coronavirus, Biden imposed a mask mandate on federal property. The new president also named a COVID Response Coordinator, who’ll oversee the distribution of vaccines and medical supplies.

The Biden team says those moves are only a start in his plan to undo some of Trump’s Policies and implement Biden’s campaign promises.


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  1. A mask mandate on Federal property????

    Hours after mandating all peasants wear face masks on federal property, hypocrite Biden visited the Lincoln Memorial without a face mask on.

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