New Reports Outlines Dangers Of Speeding

Image by AAA WCNY.

JAMESTOWN – A new report is outlining effects speeding can have on car crashes.

AAA released the report this week after using dummies to conduct crash tests.

Tony Spada, AAA of Western and Central New York CEO, says that going just a few miles over the speed limit can have devastating consequences.

“At 40 miles per hour impact speed, there was minimal intrusion, to the driver’s space. But at 50 miles an hour – just 10 miles per hour more, there was noticeable deformation of the driver’s side opening, the dashboard, and the foot area,” said Spada. “And 6 more miles per hour and 56 miles per hour, the vehicle interior was significantly compromised. The dummy registered severe neck injuries in the lung bones and the lower leg.”

The group partnered with Calspan corporation for this study.


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