Congress May Use Campaign Funds To Hire Bodyguards, Election Regulators Say

Estelle Doro / MGN Online

WASHINGTON – Members of Congress can now use campaign funds to hire bodyguards, per a decision from Federal Election Regulators.

Nearly three months after the January 6th siege on the U.S. Capitol, the Federal Election Commission voted five to one to allows lawmakers to use donors’ money for “bona fide, legitimate, professional personal security” against threats that arise as part of their jobs.

The action came in response to a request from officials with the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

It also falls in line with previous actions that allow politicians to use campaign money to upgrade security at their homes.

Still, the commission spent hours of their online meeting tussling over how to properly define security personnel after democratic lawyers questioned if some lawmakers might use donors’ money to pay right-wing militia members.

In a letter to the commission last week, attorneys representing democratic campaign committees urged regulators to craft narrow rules so that campaign funds are not improperly used.


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  1. I thought they wanted to “defund” the police, but yet they can have private security, paid for by campaign funds?

    Next thing your going to say is “They” are allowed to carry guns, ….. As they try to take away ours…

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