Jamestown Mayor To Announce Ward III Nominee Today

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JAMESTOWN – Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist will be announcing his nomination for the Ward III City Council seat that is vacated following the untimely death of Councilwoman Vickye James. 

The Mayor’s office sent out a release Friday afternoon saying that Sundquist will be joined by Jamestown woman Regina Brackman for the announcement.  Brackman appears to be the candidate who will replace James on the ballot this fall based on information from the Chautauqua County Board of Elections.

Sundquist declined to name his nominee when reached by WNY News Now Monday morning. The Mayor, however, explains that the process into naming James’ replacement was challenging considering the circumstances.

“I think it’s a really, really difficult thing having to do having lost our sitting Councilwoman Vickye James only a few weeks ago,” Sundquist said. “But we do need to continue her legacy and the great work that individuals that have been in that Ward III seat over many years have been bringing to the residents of that Ward and to all of the residents of the City.”

Sundquist furthered in discussing the requirements of his nominee. The nominee must be at least 18-years-old, reside in Ward III, and be a registered member of the party that the previous member belonged to. In this case, James was a Democrat.

“We needed someone who is really a pillar of the community,” Sundquist said. “Someone that folks know and understand and feel comfortable going to.”

He says that he looked through multiple lists of potential candidates and also talked with several people in the Ward to see who they believed would best served the zone.

“After a lot of deliberation and thought and meeting with folks, we ultimately came to a decision of one individual who I think will represent Ward III incredibly so,” Sundquist said.

WNY News Now will be on hand for the 4 p.m. press conference at city hall.


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