New Garbage Cans Will Roll Out In Jamestown Next Month 

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JAMESTOWN – New garbage cans will soon be hitting the streets of Jamestown part of a citywide container program.

Officials with the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities spent time Monday speaking to local lawmakers about how the program will roll out.

“All of the containers have been ordered and are starting to arrive,” said BPU General Manager David Leathers. “The trucks are being modified with tipping units and distribution is being prepared for the week of May 10.”

Each home will be assigned a standard specially-designed wheeled container for garbage. The container measures 34 by 28 inches and is 44 inches tall. There will also be a smaller can available upon request.

Leathers says they are still working to get feedback about the changes and educate the public in the process.

“The frequently asked questions have been developed and have been distributed in english and in spanish,” said Leathers. 

It is expected to take about four weeks to distribute and assign approximately 14,000 bins. Each household will get one container per residential solid waste account. 

As of now, the city is on track to implement the changes on time.

“We remain on our targeted timeline that we had communicated which is to formally implement this as of July 1st,” Leathers remarked.

Leathers say the program has been in the works for the past several years in order to streamline the trash collection process. 

For more information, and to see the newly created frequently asked questions sheet, visit


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