Health Leader Stresses Importance Of COVID Vaccinations Amid Reopening

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MAYVILLE – As demand for the COVID-19 vaccine drops in Chautauqua County, the local Health Department’s is upping its game to educate the community about the importance of the shot.

Christine Schuyler, Chautauqua County’s Director of Health and Human Services, hopes as more venues reopen, and life returns to a sense of per-pandemic normally, more people will realize that vaccination is the way forward.

“This really is a community effort that everyone needs to get behind and advocate for,” explained Schuyler. “Together we are going to be able to get through this and we are just so close, so close, I hate to see increased numbers of infections now, and I hate to see the disease spending around our school age children who are too young to get vaccinated.”

The latest infections, Schuyler says, are among those 20 to 29-years-old; a group that is not immunized.

She understands that not everyone will be convinced to get the shot but will continue to highlight its important role in rebounding from the past year.

“There will be some people that we will never be able to persuade to get vaccinated, and that is okay we do have personal choice,” said Schuyler. “I do hope that people can be more altruistic than that and realize that vaccination is our key to preventing disease.”

The Health Director says while she cannot prevent people from coming in contact with the virus, the vaccine will help build immunity to fight off infection and prevent spread.

“That really is where we really need to get too, to get ahead of COVID-19,” explained Schuyler.

She hopes that through proper education, and as more friends and neighbors in the community understand the importance of the shot, more people will choose to get immunized.


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  1. My Body, My Choice… Remember… Be consistent …

    If I can kill an innocent baby who has no choice…. well then…

    If you are scared & live in fear, hide in your house, or get the shot (it won’t save you).

    Spoiler, the shot does NOT 100% protect you, you’ll have to keep getting them, just like a yearly flu shot, (it’s called mutations) and you have a 99% chance of surviving if you get the virus. So what is the point of injecting an experimental protein-based vaccine?

    Stop living in Fear, that is NOT living , If you choose to live in fear, be consistent & STAY HOME !!!

    Don’t tell me what to do, Karen

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