Looking To Learn More About Local Government? Apply For This Internship

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JAMESTOWN – Those looking to learn more about local government will have a chance to gain hands on experience in a new internship offered by the City of Jamestown.

The new internship program, which was announced last week, aims to introduce college and university students to the many aspects of municipal government through public policy and management.

City officials say intern positions are designed to provide students with a real-life experience to enhance their academic and professional aspirations.

Interns will work alongside City of Jamestown professionals and will have many sources from which to draw information specific to their course of study while expanding their understanding of government.

Ideal candidates, local leaders say, must communicate well, display a record of academic achievement, demonstrate a commitment to public service, and be able to work in a fast-paced environment. Candidates shall also maintain a high standard of ethics and integrity.

Intern hours vary by department. Candidates must be able and willing to work a minimum of 15 hours per week.

The majority of the internship opportunities are unpaid unless otherwise specified. The City will gladly extend letters of recommendation and certificates of completion to interns who demonstrate professionalism and proficiency throughout their assigned projects and tasks.

Internship opportunities will be available in the Office of the Mayor, the Department of Development, and the Office of the Comptroller. The application can be found at JamestownNY.gov/intern.


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