City Moves Closer To Implementation Of School Zone Speed Cameras

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JAMESTOWN – Officials from the City of Jamestown moved one step closer to implementing school zone speed cameras.

The Jamestown City Council unanimously approved a resolution Monday evening allowing Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist to request home rule legislation from Assemblyman Andy Goodell and State Senator George Borrello. According to the resolution, the move was required for the pre-approved cameras to be implemented.

In early 2020, the Council passed a resolution adopting a School Bus Passing Violation Demonstration Program. In addition, the Council approved an agreement between Sundquist and Sensys Gatso to provide school speed zone cameras to the City.

According to the staff report from Sundquist, the resolution could result in a significant fiscal impact. The City’s share of a $50 is $32, according to officials. However, the City says it does not want to project out fiscal impact as there is no way to know about the amount of tickets that will be issued, as well as the timeframe for the enabling legislation.

Officials say there is no cost to implementing the cameras, with the cost falling solely on Sensys Gstso. Resources will need to be used in the Police Department to sign off on violations (with Sensys Gatso preparing the evidence for said violations).


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