New York Reverses Mask Mandate For Young Kids Following Parent Pushback

CDC Photo.

ALBANY – New York State reversed its mask mandate for young kids following pushback from parents and lawmakers alike.

The New York State Office of Children and Family Services and the Department of Health guidance has been revised for child care programs saying young children no longer have to wear masks.

This comes after hundreds of parents were set to sue the state over the revised rule.

The statement reads that while masks for children ages two through five are encouraged, it is not required.

That leaves parents of kids ages five to twelve wondering where their children stand.

At the same time the two agencies released their statement, the Health Department released the updated interim guidance for childcare and summer camps.

It says, as of May 24, “older children, campers, are encouraged but not required to wear face coverings.”

New York State Senator George Borrello, who spoke with WNY News Now last week, called the mask mandate for kids madness, saying, “the Governor talks about following the science, however the only science he’s following is Cuomo science, and political science.”


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  1. They can’t enforce what the people won’t abide to.

    Remember the “No Left Turn” on Southwestern Drive coming from Kmart/Wegmans/Home Depot parking lot? They had TWO cops always sitting in the Raymour Flannigan parking lot, pulling people over constantly and people still did not abide to the sign. Therefore they took it down, and the people won.

    Same thing applies to the masks (currently one of the biggest pollution problems on the planet). If the virus is so deadly why aren’t there hazmat stations everywhere collecting the used masks? They are in every parking lot, every park, every grass way outside of a store, and they are starting to pile up in the ocean. Save the earth right….????

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