Lawmakers Urge Residents To Partake In Public Fireworks Displays This 4th of July

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MAYVILLE – Lawmakers in Chautauqua County are asking residents to partake in public fireworks displays rather than put on homemade backyard demonstrations this summer.

The County Legislature also passed a resolution on Wednesday night promoting the safe use of legal sparklers ahead of the 4th of July holiday.

Legislator Elisabeth Rankin, who represents parts of Jamestown, is among those leading the call.

She says not only does illegal firework usage disrupt neighborhoods, but can impact veterans with PTSD as well.

“I think it is really important that people take into consideration the legal use, like sparkles and flares around the lake, but to be careful about things that are not legal,” explained Rankin. “We are really lucky that this year we have a lot of the COVID restrictions lifted and we are able to participate in and attend legal fireworks displays by professional people that know how to do it.”

So far this year alone, Rankin says there have been more than 400 complaints of illegal firework usage in Jamestown.


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