New Dog Park Opening Soon

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WARREN – A new dog park in Warren is finishing preparations and plans to open in the coming weeks.  

Woofington Dog Park is the newest development in Warren county, the project will provide a local place for dogs to have a paw-some time.  

In an interview with 92 Gold’s Aaron Mee, he met with board member Rocco DelPrince, who discussed the process and what the park has to offer.   

“The park will be 100% free to use, as long as you have your dogs properly vaccinated and treated for communicable diseases.” says DelPrince. 

DelPrince also added that the park looks forward to hosting activities for the dogs, such as obedience training.  

“We do anticipate having pet obedience classes, we took our dog to a trainer in St. Mary’s and those folks were very interested in helping us out,” says DelPrince, “They did a good job training our dog, and we’re looking forward to working with them.”  

The Dog Park can be located near the Warren County Visitors Bureau.  

“You can enter through the Warren County Visitors Bureau lot, there is a ramp you can take that brings you down to the dog park.” says DelPrince.

The multi-year development has cost more than expected, however, the board is excited that the project will now be available for use.  

“The fence ended up costing around $20,000 to $30,000, steel prices have increased significantly in recent months.” says DelPrince.  “We ended up building two thirds of the park for the price we had originally budgeted to build the whole park.” 

Although the park is free to use, donations are encouraged as the park will have operating costs associated.

“We’re not asking for a lot of money, if you want to pitch in $5 or maybe a dollar or two every time you use the park.  That will add up.”  says DelPrince.  “I think we will have about 4,000 to 5,000 dollars in operating costs per year just to maintain the park.” 

For those looking to donate, they can send a check to Woofington Dog Park at PO box 265 Warren, PA or there will be QR codes at the park made available to scan for online donations.  


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