Cleveland’s MLB Team Announces New Name, Logos

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CLEVELAND, OH – Say goodbye to the Cleveland Indians, and say hello to the rebranded Cleveland Guardians.

Following years of controversy regarding their original name and logo, Cleveland’s Major League Baseball squad had officially announced that their team would go by a new name in the 2022 season.

Friday, baseball fans across the world got their first glimpse of the new era of the game in northern Ohio in a video released on the team’s Twitter.

The roughly two-minute clip featured cinematic shots of the city of Cleveland, Progressive Field (which the Guardians have called home since 1994), along with players and fans of the team. It had narration by Tom Hanks and ended by showing their new logos.

The primary logo depicts a baseball surrounded by two three-dimensional ‘G’s that have wings extending from their left sides. The wordmark logos are similar to those that the Indians used, with a slightly tweaked font for a more modern look. Furthermore, a ‘C’ is shown, which likely will be used as the main image on their ball caps.

The organization kept the same color scheme that was used for the Indians: navy blue, red, and white.

It has not yet been released why the team chose ‘Guardians’ as their name. Other names reported to be in contention included the Spiders, Avengers, Naps, and Rockers.

The squad had used ‘Indians’ as their name since 1915, but it was deemed racist and advocates for a rebrand grew in recent years. The team stopped using a cartoonish depiction of a Native American, dubbed “Chief Wahoo,” after the 2018 season, but ended up announcing that they would change their brand completely in December of last year.


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