Dewittville Family Farm Keeping Cows Cool Amid Summertime Heat

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DEWITTVILLE – With hot and humid temperatures dominating much of the area this summer, local famers are stepping up efforts to help keep cows cool.

Country Ayre Farm in Dewittville is among dairy farmers across New York who have implemented ways to help their cows beat the heat.

Much like humans, as farmer’s daughter Lily Woodis explains, her ranch uses fans, curtains and, most importantly, water to keep cows comfortable.

The reason, Woodis says, is because heat can stress livestock, creating problems for milk production.

“When a cow is comfortable and calm, they will end up producing almost 10 to 15 percent more milk, then if they were heat stressed,” said Woodis. “We like to keep them cool and calm, because it really does help with our production.”

The family-owned farm regularly milks 750 cows and boasts over 1,300 animals including calves.


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